First Impressions 

So I’ve arrived in Beijing. 

When I arrived at the airport yesterday it really sunk that I am here. In this city. In this country. In this world. 

I was relieved that I had done my research when it came to getting a taxi as I was approached three times while getting down to the taxi stand of people offering me a taxi. Apparently it’s a scam for tourists to get you into an illegal taxi and make you pay double or triple the amount. 

As I got into my offical one I felt disheartened and wish I could speak manderin, I will defiantly have to find a class or something! Whilst there is my phrase book and apps on my phone I’m nervous to speak. With Manderin and it’s many tones I don’t want to say the wrong thing! 

Anyway back to the intention of the post. 

First impressions, staring is a thing. It’s a fast moving city, from cars to pedestrians. At the airport just making my way from the gate to the lifts, people move fast and if you don’t move fast enough that’s your problem. I need to learn Manderin and fast. 

The weather is clear and crisp, a cool spring day, I’m hoping the weather stays like this as 

That’s it so far, will post updates when I start exploring the city properly and make my way onto the subway!! 

Love from Anastasia x 


2 thoughts on “First Impressions 

  1. Hiya I’m so glad you have arrived safely and yes you are in a totally different world now, the rules as we know them don’t apply. Did you have someone from the school to meet you and show you the ropes? I expect you are feeling a bit lonely now but hang in there I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better in a week or so when you meet up with others doing the same as you. All our love and stay safe.


  2. I hope you are feeling a little more comfortable today. I was going to email you but mine is down at present. My supplier has changed and I can’t access it so will have to get on the phone a little later and we know how long that will take!! I thought after my last message that I’m pretty sure most Beijing Chinese will speak English so while you are learning please ask them. I’m sure they will be more than happy to practice their English. Lots of love and as always stay safe.


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