A letter to my fellow graduate

A letter to my fellow graduate.

Hi, it’s me. You may know me or not me, I don’t mind. What I want you to know about me is trivial.We may have done the same degree or studied completely different things. But hey that’s what make life interesting right?

What I’m going to say now is I know a little unconventional. I know it’s the stereotype that once you finish your degree you get that daunting existential crisis looming over the horizon. Repeated attacks of such questions such as ” so what are you going to do now? ” ” how are you going to pay for your student loan” and ” so how’s it feel to be an adult now? ” it all adds up to one big black cloud of fear looming over your head.

Brimming with droplets of fear, stress and anxiety of the big wide world you’ve suddenly been thrust into from the safety bubble of tertiary education. Because let’s face it university makes us all feel safe. We have no worries, parents and society expect great things from us, we are on the road to something, we are doing something, anything with our life’s.

Theres the expectation that the degree will give us the key to the outside world and we will float in bliss into high paying jobs straight from University. For some that is the truth, others not so much.For some we find ourselves shocked at the shiny piece of paper stating we are qualified, for some there is that uncertainty and fear of the unknown. You know that I say? That’s exciting.

I know this is not a common view of a graduate. The stereotype is have the blues but I want to assure that this is the best time of your life. Never again will you have options and opportunities like this, to travel, to experience and to embrace the unknown. Before you know you will be in that high end job, in a routine and maybe with little humans to deal with. I say embrace the chance you have been given to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Travel before it’s too late.


Get excited.

You are in the position to take your degree anywhere and do things! That’s incredible!

This is the most exciting time in your life, don’t forget that, pat yourself on the back for the hard work you’ve done. And most importantly enjoy life!

Love from a fellow graduate and friend



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