Wellington Bucket List

Wellington is a city I have spent the last 2 years of my life in and to be honest I have become extremely comfortable in. Such a bustling and creative city which I have been honoured to call my home.

Before I leave, there are some things which I need to do before I can truly say I live here. Some on this list are what some may call touristy, others more cultured but no matter which way you read it, they all make up the city of Wellington.

I have taken some of these items from tourist guides for Wellington, others from personal experiences and I will do another post in two weeks when I have left to update how I have gone on my bucket list.

( Some of these are already complete but I have put down for others interest and to make me feel accomplished so shhh)

( Also some on this list are Theatre related so you may take from this what you will )

  1. Te Papa- A  Wet and Windy Wellington day staple
  2.  Botantic Gardens
  3. Cable Car
  4. Mt Victoria Lookout
  5. Zealandia Reserve
  6. Mt Vic Chippery
  7. Fidel’s
  8. City Gallery
  9. Weta Cave
  10. Wellington Museum
  11. Wellington Zoo
  12. Library ( Bar)
  13. Five Boroughs
  14. Young & Hungry Arts Festival
  15. Southern Cross
  16. Ekim Burger
  17. Brooklyn Windmill
  18. Carter Observatory
  19. Bucket Fountain
  20. Jump from Diving Platform on the waterfront
  21. Be involved in a Fringe show

Here is all I have for now, if you have any more that you think I should add let me know- Some of these I cannot get done in a 2 week timeline are there for future reference for when I return . But I hope to challenge myself and in telling the world about this list I hope you will encourage me!

Ci vediamo!


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